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Performance Lighting
Lee Witham



Csaba has trained my top athletes for the last 6 years with great success with many currently competing at College level.

Csaba offers unparalleled knowledge in his field and i feel very comfortable in recommending his training to all levels in any Sport.

Drew Pyne

We won!

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

John Black

Csaba is the authority on total body well being and fitness. His approach to working with clients is highly professional, customized and thorough.

He provides a detailed program based on the goals of the individual he is working with. Using his wide knowledge of the human body and its processes, Csaba creates a sustainable, lifestyle changing way of life for each of his clients.

Performance Lighting
Alister Walker


Squash Pro

I am always extremely careful about who trains me and prepares me to compete. I had heard a lot about Csaba and how he was the best trainer in the Tri-State area but I stubbornly resisted and, as an experienced pro, I held back from trying him.

A run of bad form and feeling "untrained" left me dissatisfied enough to finally make the call and arrange our first session. 

By the time Csaba had given me my third session I was entirely convinced he was the perfect strength and conditioning coach for me. Csaba's diverse yet deep knowledge is far superior to that of any personal trainer I had ever worked. With his medical background and constant research to the specifics of squash fitness, nutrition, anatomy and health as a whole (including mental), I would recommend Csaba to any person. It doesn't matter if your looking to find that extra percent that has always eluded you. Csaba will help and mold a new body and the mentality will follow.


My confidence has always come from knowing I physically could not have prepared better before I compete and Csaba had ticked all the necessary proverbial boxes. Six weeks after I first started training with Csaba I went on one of the best runs of form in my career winning hugely physical battles on the squash court and backing them up day after day to win three PSA world tour titles. Having had to move away from the area we are still in frequent contact about my training and I'm looking forward to him being more hands on with my training.

Performance Lighting
Brendan Pyne


Football - Buffalo Bulls

Ever since I started with Csaba, I noticed progressive weight gain, got stronger and faster. I gained 20 pounds with him in a matter of 2 months and was in the best shape of my life heading into last football season.

 Csaba is a great guy and extremely hard worker who really cares about individuals.

If you're dedicated to becoming in the best shape possible and train hard I highly recommend Csaba Pecsi in training you.

He brings out the best in people and makes it fun at the same time.

Richard Bodor


Olympic Swimmer

Eat and Digest" you said..still echoes in my head. My body type and metabolism made it really hard to me to provide all the necessary nutrients what the elite competitive swimming required at this level. You taught me the principles of performance enhancing lifestyle and sportsnutrition as well as the proper use of dietary supplements.

Recovery sleeping and every facets of sport performance optimizing lifestyle became my daily routine.

Thank you.

Performance Lighting
Tertulien Thomas


Actor, Singer, Model

Csaba Pecsi is quite the experience! I'm a male model and actor and I really consider Csaba to be a member of my team. When I first met Csaba I was tired all the time, eating ok but not the way that I was supposed to be. I was underweight for my height and because of it I wasn't really booking any work as a model, although I have good genes on my side I was still out shape. I gave Csaba my goals and what I wanted to achieve and in no time we began to execute them. In a span of two to three weeks I started to notice a difference in my body, I saw more muscle definition in my arms legs and chest. I started to fill out in my clothes and I was eating a whole lot better! I had a photo shoot a few months later and when I got my proofs back I was amazed at how much better my body looked... Looking at the mirror is one thing, but looking at a photograph, un-retouched mind you says a whole lot!

Not only is Csaba skilled at what he does, he is also knowledgable and is always "in the know" in regards to the anatomy of the body and what new and enhanced "natural" technologies to enhance that. So, I have great respect for Csaba, for his drive, his passion for fitness but most importantly his positive spirit. He comes so highly recommended that now that I'm living in California, I really want him to come out here and train me, but I can't keep him for myself....if you want a stellar fitness experience? Look no further because Csaba IS the experience!​




QB - Notre Dame